What is next for me?

What is next for me?

Hey guys, how are you all doing today? I am back with another blog post and this one is about my life and where I think it’ll go next. I’ve had a strange, disrupted last 12 months because of things like my mother’s death in March 2019 and being ill for a few months towards the end of 2019 too. We now also have the Coronvirus situation around the world so it’s added even more disruption to my plans for 2020 so in this blog I will discuss what’s next for me and I’d also love to hear about what you guys have planned in 2020. Let’s get right into the blog post.


I have a lot of ideas to put together for my blog as I hope to push on and grow my accounts so much more especially now that I am on Pinterest and Instagram as well as Twitter. I am exploring the possibility of doing more poetry work as the last time I done it went down well on my blog and I really enjoyed it. It’s one of those things though that you need to be really in the zone for and I find it so hard to get myself into the zone.

I am always open to topic suggestions from you guys too so if you wish to read about anything then please tell me the topic and I will give it a go. I love engaging with what my readers want as I feel that you are part of my blog so I feel like this blog is yours too.


This one has taken a big twist in the last few days because of EA and their absolutely god awful customer service. Basically I got a message on screen on Fifa 20 saying my account was invalid so I had to go onto Origin to reset my details. The big problem for me is that it’s my mother’s old email that was connected to the account and as she died we lost access to the email as we had to update our details for our Sky services for the TV and internet. I filled in 3 of their stupid recovery forms giving every detail I could including my exact Fifa record, bank details of when I had spent money on the games and so much more but it didn’t work. It’s quite obviously my account but they’ve developed a disastrous attitude and it’s sadly happened to so many people. I decided to uninstall Fifa 20 and refuse to play another EA game in the future.

This means that I will be going back to my old Call of Duty days as I’ve been playing Black Ops 3 again and I’m downloading Modern Warfare remastered again too. I also downloaded Rocket League again to play to. It’s unfortunate but I enjoy all of these a lot anyway so it’s okay.

Life away from hobbies

I just pray to god that I can get a job soon to get money coming in. I want to be able to afford to enjoy things and go some random journeys once lockdown is over. We have been in lockdown for 8 weeks in Scotland so as you can imagine it’s getting tough to deal with now and a bit more stressful. Other than that I hope to stay mentally and physically strong. I have still yet to be sick in 2020 and this is the longest I have went since I left school in May 2012 without being sick. I have felt sick a few times but other than that it’s been a massive improvement on recent times.

I hope you have enjoyed my content again guys. Thank you for supporting me and as always have a great day. I’d love to know your plans going forward so feel free to comment with them. See you next time.

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