Blog Schedule Change

Blog Schedule Change

Blog planning is one of the biggest problems any blogger can face because there are so many factors in getting it right. For me, the biggest problem has always been keeping enough energy but there are so many other factors too. In this blog post, I will be discussing why I am changing my blog schedule and what I hope to achieve by changing it. I hope you guys will enjoy my plan and support me as amazing as you have already. I would love to know what you guys think of the plan and if you have had to change blog schedules at all to get more success. Let’s get right into the blog post.

My plans

So, guys, I will plan to create longer content for you guys to get more out of what you read therefore I will only post 1 blog a week on a Sunday. I won’t have a set time that the post will go live as I don’t like scheduling content as I have had a problem in the past with it and I also like being available to promote it on social media as soon as it goes live too. This is especially the case as a result of my blog stats in 2020. Twitter brings me 7/8 times as much traffic as the WordPress reader does, therefore, I think it’s important to be active on there at the time.

Why do this?

Another reason for me to write longer content is that it’s always been the one part of my blog writing skills that has lacked since I’ve been a blogger. I want to use this as a way to improve as much as possible and keep you guys entertained. This is also why I always ask for feedback on my content as getting more of it will help me improve and give you guys a great reading experience.

I feel that giving myself more time to create content will make me less stressed and help with my Asperger’s too as I can take breaks without feeling like I need to work quickly to get the content out there. Part of my struggles that I never really discuss is mainly that I try to write way too quickly sometimes and it makes things a bit messy. It’s such a bad habit to get into in fairness and I need to find ways to avoid doing it in the future.

My final thoughts

So, guys, I have given you a small summary of the plans going forward on my blog and I hope that they suit you in terms of planning to read my content and getting the most out of it. I had been planning a change out over the last 2/3 days to find out what sounded best in my head to cope with and get out there. 

I also took the reader’s perspective in too as I know you guys have a lot going on with how the world is currently and potentially going back to work as lockdowns around the world get eased. Thank you for your amazing support and I will be back with some brand spanking new content on Sunday. Have a great week everyone. 

If you missed my previous content here it is below:


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