The first step to success

The first step to success

What is success? This is a question many of us don’t always have the answer to and honestly, that is completely okay. Success varies dramatically from person to person and we all have different ways of measuring success. For some, just getting out of bed is a success and for others, it takes an awful lot for them to say they’ve been successful. In this blog post, I will discuss what success is for me and what my first steps were to achieving that in multiple settings.

Hearing from you guys is always something I love too so I would love to know what you think success is for yourself and how successful you have been in recent times. I love to read peoples’ achievements as it motivates me and makes me work out better ways to achieve success for myself. Let’s get right into the blog post.

What is success for me?

I have a few different things that success is for me. I will go through them one by one now:

For blogging, success is creating good content that the readers enjoy and having fun writing the content. I go through phases of success in that regard because I drift in and out of slumps so often on my blog. I think it is completely normal though especially as I have now been blogging for very close to 3 years and produced a shed load of content at that time. Unfortunately due to the switching of blogs etc, I don’t have all of that content which is a shame considering that some of I what I produced even in my early days was very good.

Life success for me is a lot to do with happiness and despite some setbacks and considering the state of the world in 2020 I have had a lot of success this year with that. I used to struggle with happiness so much because I always compared myself to others and it was holding me back so much because I have seen their success and felt down because my life was not like theirs. I have managed to change this a lot and I know now that my life will be unique and I will do great things that others won’t. It is so tough to get a successfully happy life but honestly just take it day by day and you’ll get there eventually.

Relationship success for me comes down to 3 things:

  • My relationship lasting
  • Staying happy in it
  • Staying in love as much as I was on the first day of it

I feel like all 3 of these have stuck so well in my relationship as we have been together for 3 and a half years now and it still feels as strong as ever. I am also so much better mentally for it too but the thing to find a successful relationship is patience. I am on my 4th relationship and honestly, after the first 3, I didn’t think my time would come. I was only 22 at the time but I was already close to giving up. The best thing to do is to not focus on finding one so much and just to let it happen naturally. Mines started from a random Twitter follow and I never looked back.

Mental health success

This for me involves having a good run of days where I feel great or even that I may feel tired etc but I don’t feel bad or go into really bad moods. This isn’t easy to achieve but given everything I had gone through in 2019 with my mother’s death and being bullied out of a job I feel like I have bounced back well into 2020. I also feel like part of feeling good mentally has come from not being physically sick at all. I spent a lot of time sick later on last year and it made me so sore and drained from it all. We are nearly in August and I haven’t been physically sick once yet in 2020. Let’s hope it continues.

My first steps to succeeding

My first step to succeeding is to plan out what I want to succeed at. I have so many strategies that I use for success in different things and some take more time and planning than others. For example, with blogging my plans are far more short-term focused compared to my relationship etc. My blog plans tend to be for the day I make them because a lot can change for what I plan to do for content or promotion.

My 2nd step is to pick the right strategy for the current situation. Once I work my way through every plan I have I’ve usually got a solid idea of what the best one is. It can be something small or sometimes it’s something ridiculously complex but life is never easy so it’s needed at times. I’m always full of confidence for my plans because I put so much time and thought into them.

My 3rd early step to success is getting the plan into action. Sometimes patience is required but generally, if you want quick success then you need to get plans out there pretty quickly after you figure them out and pick the right one. I also recommend always having a backup plan that you can quickly apply though because sometimes things don’t work out and that is completely okay. It can be tough to deal with but you will manage to achieve success so stay focused.

My final thoughts

So, guys, I have taken on you on my journey through my mind regarding what I think success is and how I go about achieving it. I would like to thank you guys for checking out and supporting my content as always as you are all part of my blogging success. I would love to hear what you think success is to you and how you go about achieving it. The comments are always welcomed. I also upped the font size for my paragraph text to 18 so I’d love to know what you think of that too. Stay safe and have a great day.

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4 thoughts on “The first step to success

  1. Great post! Success doesn’t always mean monetary success but can manifest in many other ways! For me, success is accomplishing any goal I set for myself. Whether that’s saving up for a car, saving up for my trip, or just waking up an extra 10 mins early, I count these as successes in my book!

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  2. I definitely agree that setting out a plan early is a good shout and really helps to succeed! As it allows you to monitor where you are in your plan/measure success a bit more.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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