The perfect blog work formula

The perfect blog work formula

Creating the perfect blog work formula for yourself is more difficult than any blogger realises in the beginning and you’ll find that it changes a lot. I’ve changed my blog work set up so much in recent months due to ideas changing and honestly it’s painful to sit and work out. A simple formula for blog work isn’t even that easy to come up and a lot of bloggers don’t use a simple formula so you can imagine the brain struggles involved in content making.

In this blog post, I will be discussing my blog work formula and going into detail about strategy and how I came up with it. I will also be discussing my blog post setup too and how I stick to the same design for every post.

I would love to know your blog work formula guys so if you create content I’d love to read your comments with your thoughts. Let’s get right into the blog post.

My blog work formula

Part of my blog was always doing too much at once. With my newest strategy, I have calmed this right down into just working on blog content, using Twitter and promoting on Facebook occasionally. I had the best spell of success for views with this exact strategy so I know it’s capable of working down the line when I get into it. I spend a lot of time on Twitter currently due to having a lot of time free as I’m still unemployed. I try to engage where I can while promoting my blog on there and it’s nowhere near as easy as it used to be.

Even a year or two ago the algorithm was so much better for blogging. A lot of people can go months without seeing my tweets and Twitter seems to hate tweets with links in them too so my blog promotion has to be indirect meaning that I need to constantly say my link is in my pinned tweet instead of sharing the link. I think that puts off a lot of people from checking out my blog because you then have to do extra steps just to get to the content. I wish it would be easier to promote the link but until Twitter create an algorithm that helps bloggers then the struggles remain.


I have had an Instagram account on 2 separate occasions and honestly, I lose interest in there so quickly. Both times I’ve been lucky if my account has even lasted a few months. My posts only really got the occasional view over to my blog and the effort just to make posts for it too way too much energy and time. I would be making my posts on Canva on PC and then having to send them over to my phone just to post them. I see it as more of a photography app anyway so it didn’t fit my aesthetic.

Engagement on there was utterly horrible too. You’d get a comment or 2 at most per post and as I say, it didn’t do that much for my blog even when I tried loads of different hashtags. I feel better now that I am not using it anymore and my time is being used more effectively.


Pinterest was a nightmare for me. I enjoyed using it but it required way too much time in terms of creating new pins and ideas for those pins. I will always be grateful for the time on it as it allowed me to be so creative and it was the reason I discovered Canva too. I found loads of cool colours and patterns through it too so there’s always that positive too. It just became too much to schedule pins and create loads each day to keep up and grow let alone stay ahead of schedule with content.

The worst part for me is how unprofessionally ran the site itself is. My site was marked as spam 3 times in 10 weeks and not once did I do anything wrong. There has been a bug in their spam detector for weeks and it’s just never been fixed whatsoever. I got bored with being told it’ll be fine in a few days and ultimately that’s what pushed me to go away from it and change blog strategy, to begin with. I feel like I could have grown on there but it would come at a cost which is my enjoyment when it comes to blog creation so that’s never worth it.

Having the extra time is so rewarding too as it can make my content better in the long run and I’d spend hours on Pinterest that I now no longer have to.

My blog post setup

My blog post setup is pretty unique despite being so simple in my honest opinion. I have my featured image which is usually downloaded from Pixabay and then as I get into my actual post there is always an introduction to the post, the main parts and a final thoughts conclusion section. It is so simple yet it seems to work better for my overall quality. I think a constant style change can be problematic as it is easier for readers to follow your posts if they are familiar with your content setup.

My setup with fonts is always the same now too. My headings are always in the centre with bold, underlined, size 25 writing and my text is size 18 now too so you guys can read it far easier too. This also helps me considerably as my eyes are really sensitive so it allows me to not get constant headaches while writing blog content. I always look for the feedback though so I’d love to know what you think of this setup in the comments so feel free to share your thoughts with me.

My final thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed my content guys. I am aiming to produce the best content I can constantly so always make sure to leave feedback each post through the comments or by contacting me on Twitter @PaulMcG1994. Feedback is honestly the best thing as it answers every question I have when it comes to content and picking the right topics to discuss.

I appreciate all of the support and time you guys put into reading my content. Have a great day and see you guys next time.

If you wish to check out my latest content then here it is below:


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