What do I enjoy in life

What do I enjoy in life Hey guys, I am back with a post about the things I enjoy in life. I have been thinking lately about my mental health and how I’ve improved it and part of that was taking time to think about the things I enjoyed. I didn’t even take long to […]

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My all-time top 10 video games

My all-time top 10 video games Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one will be a top 10 list of video games that I have played throughout my life. I have enjoyed gaming for the majority of my time and played so many different games throughout it. I haven’t enjoyed every […]

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The Celtic Section

The Celtic Section Celtic Football Club has always been my football team ever since I was into football. I have begun to speak about my love for the club more and more lately and as I’ve connected with a lot of great fans of my team on Twitter I felt like a blog discussing where […]

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Gaming for fun

Gaming for fun Gaming is a part of a lot of lives at some point. However, for me, it has always been a massive part of it. I have played on so many different consoles and enjoyed so many games. I’m a big Fifa 19 player at the minute and as much as people love […]

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