Don’t forget to #BeKind

Don’t forget to #BeKind Hey guys, I would for you to join with me and start using the hashtag #BeKind on Twitter more and anywhere else you can. I know we are in the midst of a pandemic but I want to encourage everyone to understand the situations of others and choose to be kind […]

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Mental health and Coronavirus

Mental health and Coronavirus Hello everyone, I am back with a new blog post and this one will be an insight into how I feel regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and a few self-care tips that can help you guys with managing your mental health while things are going on. I would also love to know […]

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A man’s mind and his demons

A man’s mind and his demons Hey guys, I am back with more mental health content as the last post went down pretty well and is my most viewed of 2020 so far. I will be taking a little story trip down memory lane here and speak about one particular person in my life that […]

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Time for change in mental health

Time for change in mental health Mental health in 2020 still has a massive stigma attached to it and it’s time to break that. I have some horrific experiences regarding my mental health in the past and it’s tragic to see others going through similar issues yet feel like they cannot speak out. In this […]

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A new mental health community

A new mental health community Hello everyone, I am back with a little discussion on something I want to achieve with my blog with hard work and the help of you guys. As you guys know, mental health means more than just a lot to me and I am always very passionate about helping others […]

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My self-care tips

My self-care tips Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is my first mental health-related post on my self-hosted blog. I have written a post about self-care before but I wanted to bring you things that work for me right now and that have kept me at the peak of my […]

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How Travel Can Help You Mentally

How Travel Can Help You Mentally Throughout my battle with depression, I tried all different methods of trying to deal with the thousands of horrific thoughts going on inside my head. Eventually, I thought instead of just sitting around may be going a little wander somewhere would do the trick. I used to just use […]

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Mental Health and I

Mental Health and I Life for me has never been that easy. I dealt with a lot growing up from an early age and over time this destroyed me. Only my closest ever friends and partner have seen all of the scars and damage I suffered over the years. Only within the last year or […]

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