The perfect blog work formula

The perfect blog work formula Creating the perfect blog work formula for yourself is more difficult than any blogger realises in the beginning and you’ll find that it changes a lot. I’ve changed my blog work set up so much in recent months due to ideas changing and honestly it’s painful to sit and work […]

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Where is it going wrong?

Where is it going wrong? Focusing on the good times is great fun but sometimes we need to focus on what is going wrong when that happens and for me, this is the time for that. June was my best month for blog views and it was the first time on Paulmcgv3 that I managed […]

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1 year on PaulMcGV3

1 year on PaulMcGV3 Hello everyone, I am back with a new blog post and this one is celebrating my 1st anniversary on my current blog site that I reach on June 13th. In this blog post, I will be discussing as much as I can cover about my experience on this blog site and […]

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Blog Schedule Change

Blog Schedule Change Blog planning is one of the biggest problems any blogger can face because there are so many factors in getting it right. For me, the biggest problem has always been keeping enough energy but there are so many other factors too. In this blog post, I will be discussing why I am […]

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May Results/June goals

May Results/June goals Hey guys, I am back with my first blog post of June and I hope you all had a good May. I am gonna try something new by discussing my previous month’s progress and setting goals for the month going forward. I ended up having a very good May despite not realising […]

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Mistakes new bloggers make

Mistakes new bloggers make Hey guys, I am back with a new blog post and this one is something I have never really discussed before. I made a ton of mistakes when I first began to blog and I want to create a post listing them all as I want you guys to avoid them […]

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My open admission

My open admission Hello guys, I hope you are well currently with everything going on in the world. Today I am here with a blog about something I’ve never really discussed online as I don’t know how people would genuinely react and whether it would be catastrophic for my blog views in general. As people […]

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My key to loving blogging

My key to loving blogging Hello everyone, thank you for the incredible support on my recent content. I am now back with a post about how I’ve managed to keep blogging for 2 years and 9 months in total. It’s tough to keep enjoying anything in life for a long time and I want to […]

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