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Hey guys, I wanted to use this page to discuss why I blog. I blog for you guys as well as a hobby. I want to share everything I can with you guys and help you get by. I struggled massively with mental health issues before too, therefore, I will be aiming to provide you guys with great content that takes away the bad thoughts and if you ever need someone to support you then you can comment on any blog and I will answer you.

I hope you have fun, my name is Paul Mcginley and I am the Glasgow born, 25-year-old writer behind this blog.

More about the writer

  • I’m left-handed
  • I love football and Formula 1
  • I enjoy social media so much
  • I have interests in almost every type of blog
  • I speak my mind a lot
  • I don’t have topics that I wouldn’t ever cover in blogs
  • Blogging is my biggest hobby now
  • I have been in a relationship for over 2 years now
  • I am highly ambitious
  • I love to connect with my blog readers

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