Sharing on social media

Sharing on social media

Sharing on social media can be a very interesting thing depending on what it is. I share some of the most random stories about my life but then I also share some of the deepest things in my life. I share a lot about my mental health and my Asperger’s Syndrome which isn’t easy but in recent times it has become easier as I have become stronger as a person. Writing this blog post felt necessary to me because there’s a lot of confusion about what you should share online and where you can share it.

We all have a completely different idea of what is okay to say online and in this blog post, there will be a variety of things being discussed such as what I discuss online, what you should not share online and how things have changed with sharing online in recent times. If you want to share your opinion on the issues discussed in this blog content then you can share this in the comments with me. Let’s get right into the blog post.

What do I discuss online

In recent times, what I discuss online has changed an awful lot. I used to just be a very joke-loaded person who didn’t discuss much else other than football and a lot of random opinions. Nowadays, I am more serious and focus a lot more on my blog and Pinterest although I still cover some of my opinions and things like Scotland’s Coronavirus figures as well.

I go through phases of posting a lot about mental health and my Asperger’s Syndrome too but I’ve said so much that there’s rarely much else to say about them. My mental health doesn’t change anymore other than the occasional down day with frustration and I have so much control over my Asperger’s that there’s never anything new to discuss regarding it. I would discuss other things too but I always find that I lose so many followers because nobody likes people having differing opinions anymore.

I recall a time where I covered something to do with responding to messages and why you can’t claim every one of the same genders is the same and I had so many people agreeing with me but then I was attacked by a group of people in the mental health community because I had my own opinion. It was so off-putting especially because a lot of people seen them as good people but you can’t claim you are a good person or a mental health advocate if you try to control the opinion people have or attack anyone who has a different opinion.

What shouldn’t you share online

I think the main thing you shouldn’t share online is hate. Sometimes it’s necessary to share negative opinions or concerns online but as long as it doesn’t involve hating an individual or a group of people. I’ve dealt with a ton of hate or bullying in my lifetime and honestly, it’s so horrible. It sucks that social media sites do nothing about it either. The system for reporting is so backwards especially on Twitter and it allows bullies to be all over the platform as a result.

Another thing you shouldn’t share online is something that you have made a promise to someone else not to share. I admit I messed up when I was younger over things I shouldn’t have shared but I’ve now learned how it’s completely not okay to betray someone’s trust ever. I hope you guys keep things confidential when sharing online as it will make you so much more trustworthy and respected in the online community.

If something can come back to bite you or hurt you is another case of when you shouldn’t share something online. A thing to notice on my socials is that I do share a lot of things others wouldn’t but this is because I don’t ever get hurt by them being used against me. For example, with my mental health people tried to bully me because of it before but I just blocked them and moved on. It’s tough to get into a position where you are hard to hurt but trust me it will come if you keep trying.

How things have changed in recent times

In recent times, things have changed a lot in my opinion. Concerning myself, I have changed online a lot and have a very different strategy online. I share my frustrations a lot and I’m not afraid to. I used to buy into the myth of being constantly positive online and eventually I wasn’t happy doing that. Social media should be a place to vent and get things off of your chest where possible so I fully encourage sharing what you feel comfortable with and never being afraid of the responses. Some people will be nasty and it’s not good but breathe in and go again.

For others from what I have seen, things have also changed a lot. I don’t see people being as interactive at all and I understand it fully to be quite honest. The constant trolling and everything that’s gone on in 2020 with Coronavirus has added a lot of tension and people can’t just let others have their own opinions. It does annoy me and saddens me that people have fear when it comes to sharing online but I hope that changes one day if social media sites start taking hate and bullying more seriously.

I do think things have changed for the better when it comes to speaking out about things like mental health and sexual abuse too. All it takes is one person to share their story and it encourages others to rapidly getting their story out of there too. I hope everyone gets their story out there and serious issues like mental health issues and sexual abuse are taken most seriously now. We need to change our mindsets and I hope these positive, recent changes help out going forward.

My final thoughts

My last message is for you guys to take care of yourself and others online at all times. It is tough these days with everything going on in the world so don’t add to it for anyone or yourself by doing anything unnecessary online.

I would like to take this moment to thank you guys so much for supporting my content. It has been a month now since I decided to change to my current schedule and work on longer posts. I would love for you guys to give me as much feedback as possible to keep improving going forward too. Also, if you have anything to say regarding the discussion in this blog post then please comment with that too. Have a great day guys. Thank you for supporting me.

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10 thoughts on “Sharing on social media

  1. It’s sad that you’ve come across hate from your posts, and lost followers when you’ve spoken out about your mental health and aspergers. I think we need people like you standing up and talking about it and raising awareness.

    I think this is a good educational post, awesome job

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  2. I totally agree that you shouldn’t share hate on social media! Or judgement! Like you may not agree with everything everyone does, but it doesn’t need to be said!

    Katie |

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  3. An interesting and lovely post! social media is really good for sharing, but we should share a nice and beautiful moment and not hate or judgment. Love this post

    Jess (

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  4. This is a brilliant post. You make such important valid points. I find these issues of not sharing hate speech etc. so important. I wrote a post about the fact that we as humans can choose to be anything we want in life, so we should choose to be kind. You’ve written this so well and been completely open and honest. Thank you for sharing this.

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