Behind the blogger

Behind the blogger It’s another Sunday so here is a new blog post everyone. I thought I’d do a little something different and let you guys go behind the blogger to get to know a bit more about me as a person. There is so much I will cover in this blog post and I […]

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The Moneytalk

The Moneytalk Money, money, money. The world seems to revolve around it constantly. I’ve never had very much of it growing up and I hate that to be honest. Part of it was down to me wasting it and part of it has been the horrendous luck over the recent years too. I’d just love […]

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1 year on PaulMcGV3

1 year on PaulMcGV3 Hello everyone, I am back with a new blog post and this one is celebrating my 1st anniversary on my current blog site that I reach on June 13th. In this blog post, I will be discussing as much as I can cover about my experience on this blog site and […]

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Blog Schedule Change

Blog Schedule Change Blog planning is one of the biggest problems any blogger can face because there are so many factors in getting it right. For me, the biggest problem has always been keeping enough energy but there are so many other factors too. In this blog post, I will be discussing why I am […]

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Top 10 Life Advice Tips

Top 10 Life Advice Tips Life advice is something you just never get enough of at a young age and that is why I am posting this blog. I am bringing you my top 10 life advice tips that I think will aid you going forward with a range of different things. I don’t have […]

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May Results/June goals

May Results/June goals Hey guys, I am back with my first blog post of June and I hope you all had a good May. I am gonna try something new by discussing my previous month’s progress and setting goals for the month going forward. I ended up having a very good May despite not realising […]

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