The Moneytalk

The Moneytalk

Money, money, money. The world seems to revolve around it constantly. I’ve never had very much of it growing up and I hate that to be honest. Part of it was down to me wasting it and part of it has been the horrendous luck over the recent years too. I’d just love to have some stability and a steady income and I am unsure of what I could do to go about it. In this blog post, I will discuss my current situation and the problems that come with that. I will also discuss things like my blog, my skill set and what I believe I could do. If you have any advice for me I’d love to know what you think and I’d also love to know what you guys have done when you have struggled for money. Let’s get right into the blog post.

Current Situation

I hate how things are for me right now if I am perfectly honest. I have been unemployed since my mother’s death in March last year and I was ill for most of the rest of 2019 following that including the whole of December. I’ve had interviews here and there during that time but nothing has worked in my favour. I always feel like I give a great account of myself at interviews too and come out of my shell but it never seems to work out for whatever reason.

I feel like a big problem I have is a lack of experience. I have a year of it with 2 jobs but I feel like employers expect you to have 6/7 years of it by the time you are 26 and for me, that was never manageable as I’ve had long spells of illness multiple times including for 18 months after I finished college at 21. I often feel like qualifications are never enough anymore and that I wasted 3 years at college achieving them.

Money right now is also a pain because we’ve got our bills sorted out to solely protect the little income I get and I feel bad that I can’t contribute equally with my girlfriend. I get £188.70 because of my Aspergers each month and 2 thirds of that go back out on council tax so I have what feels like nothing staying there.

Covid-19 doesn’t help either to be honest as the job market is on its knees and I stay in Glasgow which is the biggest city in Scotland in terms of the population so you can imagine the struggles.

What do I want to do next

I honestly don’t know what I could do next to scrape a few pounds into my bank account. I have been thinking about all sorts of ideas over the last few days and I cannot make up my mind. I don’t feel like I could make ebooks because I’m not an expert in anything really despite knowing a lot. I see a lot of people who use Gumroad to make money by selling content on there and I do like the sound of it but I don’t know what my unique selling point could be.

I do like the sound of book writing but I don’t know what I could do for that either and it would also then be a long term project so I have that dilemma too. I would also love to use my blog to make money too but the problem with that is the spending to go back self-hosted and then the process of setting everything up again. I also had an absolute nightmare the last time I was self-hosted too so it’s something I’m just not confident with at all.

I also know I don’t pull in enough of viewership to be eligible for ads on my blog either so unless my blog took off asap then I can rule that path out. I’d love to know what ideas you guys have to help me get a clearer picture of what I could do so feel free to comment with them, please.

My Skillset

I have one decent qualification from school and 2 from college and to be honest, they are all in one particular field. I have qualifications in accountancy and business so you’d think I’d be high up in the list of prospects for businesses or to create my own business. Unfortunately for me if you don’t have a university degree you don’t get taken seriously at all and sadly for me I got ill at the wrong time because if I didn’t I could have got into 3rd-year university straight off of my college course.

Things would probably have worked out so well if it wasn’t for the illness but it is what it is and I’m stuck with the results of bad luck now.


I love to listen to podcasts. Honestly, listening to something for an hour etc can be so great especially when it’s a mix of humour and information. I listen to ones about Call of Duty and the pro scene mainly because of not having too much time to listen plus when I’m doing blog work music is what I listen to most of the time as it helps me concentrate.

Could I be a good podcast host? Honestly, I don’t know. I always feel like people don’t understand my accent consistently and I do everything I can to help but it’s not always enough. I’d never know what to discuss either especially if it was longer than 30 minutes. I’d have plenty of topics pretty quickly as I like discussing what I think of everything that goes on in the world.

The biggest problem for me is that I’d need a serious tech upgrade to give you guys the best quality. I have no idea where the microphone I used back in my Youtube days is and I don’t own a good camera if I was to do it that way instead of just sound. I have a webcam on my pc but I don’t even think it’s that great, to be honest.

I also don’t know much about how I’d make money from it. I know about Patreon etc but I don’t know much else other than that or where I’d post it too. If you guys can give me information on podcasting then I’d love to read it in the comments.

Final thoughts

I think I have covered everything that I can in this blog post about my situation and the multitude of options around. I’d love to know if you guys had anything I could do or that you think I’d be great at. Your feedback is something that means the world to me and the support makes the tougher situations in life that much easier at times. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

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8 thoughts on “The Moneytalk

  1. you seem like such a strong person to be going through all this but still being motivated to write and figure out what you want to do. The podcast sounds amazing. Tech-wise, I managed to get a lot of my camera equipment and mics off of Facebook market place that wasn’t expensive. I don’t know if you’ve already had a look there?

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  2. I’m really sorry to hear about this Job Hunting Journey. I have experienced something a bit similar and it was hard, but never impossible to conquer. So please don’t give up!

    I read a comment where they suggest for you to create a Podcast about raising awareness on Asperger. And that’s not a bad idea. I do follow 2 channels that talk about other forms of Autism because I want to learn and understand more about that subject. Maybe I can be one of your first podcast subscribers and learn a lot from you.

    Keep your chin up! I’m sure something great will come soon…

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