Finding your priorities

Finding your priorities

Priorities are so important in life and honestly working out what you should set as a priority is mind-numbingly difficult. I struggled for so long to work out what was best for me and it showed in my lifestyle a few years back. I used to be such a reckless individual and I winged everything. I had really bad mental health issues as a result and I just wasted money.

Getting a girlfriend was the start of the changes though and although my life still isn’t easy, it’s in such a better position now. In this blog post, I will be discussing how to prioritise the right things, what my priorities are and how I balance them all to create a better life.

I would love to know what your priorities are too so I’d love for you to comment with them. Let’s get right into the blog post.

How to prioritise the right things

Honestly, it’s easier to prioritise the right things that it’s made out to be in my opinion. It just requires a bit of thought and analysis of your current situation in life. For me, the problem with trying to figure things out was that I never had a minute to sit down. I lived at 100mph 24/7 and ultimately this lead to me not being able to see the damage my life was doing to me. I was either not sleeping, at college or a friend’s house getting drunk or in a nightclub doing that. It wasn’t healthy but I couldn’t see that.

The first thing to do to begin the process of prioritising the right things is to just sit and think about what you want to do in life. I always had my mind set on doing something involving accountancy hence why I had gone to college to do Accounts for a year and then Business for 2. The unfortunate thing with my Accounts course was that my college was far away from me and awkward to travel to. The train was the quickest way but also too expensive to get there. The bus took way longer and eventually I struggled with the journey and had to switch college when I could and switched course in the process.

The next thing to do is to work out how important achieving certain things are to you. For example, is getting a job more important or taking the next step in your education. Do this for everything and you can usually pick the right priority pretty quickly. This also helped me when it came to picking the right people to prioritise. Life for everyone is very busy but honestly prioritising the people who make an effort to contact you is the best move. At times I felt like I was always messaging first and there are times when you just need to let go of those people despite everything you’ve been through. It’s okay to outgrow people.

The last thing is to stick to those priorities and use your time effectively. Part of the problem I used to have is working out how much time each priority needed and it’s tough. Make a plan either in your head or write it down for each day if that helps you too.

What are my priorities?

I don’t have as many priorities as some people and honestly, it’s okay to have so few. Too many can be a problem when it comes to fitting them all in and achieving what you need from each of them.

The first priority right now for me is my girlfriend Sophie. My relationship is now 3 years and 6 months deep and honestly, I am proud of the hard work I’ve put in to make it work and keep it working. Having someone who is on my wavelength helps massively of course because ultimately that’s how you make a relationship successful. Everyone can have a successful relationship but being in the right frame of mind, having the time to make it work and clicking with the right person are so important.

My next priority is to find a job. This hasn’t been helped by the pandemic but I’m working so hard on getting one but working on ways to improve my CV, cover letter and job pool that I could apply for. It’s harder because of my Asperger’s because I can’t do constant phone calls or cope in massively busy offices so I always need to do extra research because of that. It does make the process take far longer but it has to be done.

My third priority is focusing on my mental and physical health. I’ve had a great 2020 in terms of both compared to recent years so I have been able to put less time into these. I use to be sick constantly and feel so bad mentally but with Sophie’s help and a lot of self-care I have managed to feel a lot better mentally and not be sick in 2020 so far and we’ve just started August as I am writing this post.

My fourth priority is having fun with gaming and other hobbies. I include my blog in this because I’ve had so much fun with it lately despite very inconsistent results. I play Fifa and Call Of Duty where possible too as well as watching football, darts, Formula 1, WWE and Call of Duty Esports on top of that too.

The balancing act

Balancing priorities is honestly so hard. This is why I recommend keeping the amount of them to a minimum as I have mentioned in the previous section of this blog post. For me, my relationship does its own thing because Sophie works from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. I’m not working at the moment and my sleep pattern is not good right now so I can sleep through a lot of her working day.

When she gets home from work we spend a lot of time just chilling because we have dinner together and chill in the living room on the couch. Having some downtime helps us both mentally and it’s part of why we work. It’s become a situation where we just slow everything right down to not be stressed.

I tend to work on blog content and apply for jobs at night when Sophie goes to bed. Due to my sleep pattern being as bad as it is it’s allowing me to have my own productive time and I don’t need to rush out of bed the second I wake up. I tend to take time when I get up to watch Youtube videos and just relax and think about my plans for the day and night ahead.

Mental health and physical health work come hand in hand through the entire day and night even if it’s just for a minute at a time. I have started to try and use our exercise bike daily too so that I burn some calories here and there. I will always find it hard to lose weight because of my stomach being very weak therefore I genuinely cannot eat healthily. I have so few foods that I can eat with no worries whatsoever so things like chicken, chocolate etc need to be part of my daily diet. As I’ve mentioned, just going so long in 2020 without being sick is an incredible achievement so hopefully, I can keep going with it.

The final thoughts

I hope you guys can learn a lot from my content and this is part of why I write how I do and why I produce the content that I do. Picking the right priorities and making them balance out is tough and honestly, it’s okay to get things wrong one or two times. Self-analysis is hard because you may miss things, to begin with, but then pick them up eventually. Good luck with your priorities guys.

I would like to thank you for checking out my content, reading it and continuing to support it. It means so much to me. I’d love for you to comment with your feelings regarding what I’ve produced in this post. We are now into August guys and I am open to content suggestions so please comment with what you want to read. Have a great day guys and stay safe out there.

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10 thoughts on “Finding your priorities

  1. This is so true and something I really needed to hear. Currently life has added so new curve balls (like caring for my sick cat) which has had to shift my priorities. It’s so important to keep it in check.

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  2. It’s good that you set your priorities and have goals too. I find as I get older that priorities constantly change. And, like you mentioned, the distance to college was creating problems with your studying, so you changed. I think it’s good not to feel guilty when these things happen, because circumstances may not be favourable from one month to the next, so we just embrace it, and carry on. Great post 👍

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