The perfect blog work formula

The perfect blog work formula Creating the perfect blog work formula for yourself is more difficult than any blogger realises in the beginning and you’ll find that it changes a lot. I’ve changed my blog work set up so much in recent months due to ideas changing and honestly it’s painful to sit and work […]

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The first step to success

The first step to success What is success? This is a question many of us don’t always have the answer to and honestly, that is completely okay. Success varies dramatically from person to person and we all have different ways of measuring success. For some, just getting out of bed is a success and for […]

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Where is it going wrong?

Where is it going wrong? Focusing on the good times is great fun but sometimes we need to focus on what is going wrong when that happens and for me, this is the time for that. June was my best month for blog views and it was the first time on Paulmcgv3 that I managed […]

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